Goldthwaite VFD talks fund-raisers

The rash of wildfires breaking out in Mills County due to high temperatures and dry conditions recently has been met with a huge amount of support from local residents.
Goldthwaite Volunteer Fire Chief David Schwartz contacted The Eagle to express his thanks to the community as a whole, and to clarify two points for locals regarding the independent fund-raising that has cropped up in response to the fires.
Firstly, Schwartz said, these fund-raisers are indeed independent from the GVFD. He said no one has contacted the department to coordinate them, and they are not officially sanctioned like the department’s annual fund-raiser in June. He hopes they go well, and the department is certainly appreciative of everyone’s generosity with time and resources. However, the department is not responsible for any transactions therein, Schwartz said.
Secondly, wildfires do not stop at precinct lines, county lines, or city limits. It is his hope, Schwartz said, that our locals understand that members of multiple departments, inside Mills County and out, have all risked much to keep people and property as safe as they can. He hopes locals will keep this in mind when making donations of any kind to fire fighting entities.

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